What is JKF Goju Kai Karate-do?

JKF Goju Kai Karate trains in the Northern Brisbane suburbs and teaches traditional Japanese martial arts. Goju Ryu Karate is a mixture of traditional martial arts from the Okinawa Islands of Japan, as well as Chinese Nanpa Kenjutsu from the Fuchien province of China.

Loosely translated (Goju) means 'hard and soft', for its hard and soft techniques, (Kai) means club / association and (Kara - te) meaning ' open hand' - no weapon.

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Mission Statement

"JKF Goju Kai Karate aims to provide quality training through limiting class sizes to give individualised instruction as much as practicle.

We are dedicated to helping our students of all ages develop in mind, body and spirit." Alan Wilkes - Sensei Read More..

Benefits of Karate

Teaches you discipline, improves your health, co-ordination, memory and reflexes. Read More..